Custom wraps:

Do you want to alter the colour of your car completely when Perhaps adding graphics, a logo, or branding to your vehicles, and to check to see if your paintwork is damaged or scratched? Vinyl is a wonderful method to add your own touch to your vehicle, whether you want to change the colour or add your own style of wrapping (colour wraps, racing stripes, or hood & roof wraps). Because the wrap is not permanent, it may be removed at any moment, restoring your vehicle to its factory appearance. The only thing stopping you from expressing yourself is your imagination. Wraps are made to look like a bespoke paint job, but they can be removed or replaced without destroying the original paint. They range from single-color wraps to custom-created designs.

Car wrapping FAQ’s
  • Will Vehicle Wraps Harm My Vehicle?

Certainly not! Your paint will look just as wonderful as it did the day you brought it into our shop if your car wrap is removed correctly at the end of its lifecycle. Vehicle wraps, in fact, may protect your vehicle from scratches, road debris, and insect acids.

  • Do I Have to Provide My Own Design?

No. Graphic designers are available they will show you with all Pro Wraps & Graphics to assist you in developing your message. Our designers have received special training on how to apply automotive graphics. Your wrap will fit perfectly, and the pattern is truly one-of-a-kind. Bring a few ideas or simply a description of what you want to achieve. We’ll take care of the rest.

  • What Is the Lifespan On Vehicle Wrap?

Wrapping your vehicles is a long-term investment. Our installation staff understands how to properly apply the wrap to avoid cracks, peeling, bubbling, or fading. We take our time to ensure that the project is completed appropriately.

  • How do I clean my car wrap?

Once a week, wash your vehicle by hand, request a list of “wrap friendly” cleansers from our team. Choose a brushless car wash if you must take your covered vehicle to one. When a spot clean is required, isopropyl alcohol might be used. Avoid parking your car in direct sunlight for long periods of time for optimal benefits. It’s best to park in a garage or somewhere with plenty of shade.

  • How do I get started?

Just contact us to schedule a consultation. We’ll talk about your needs, the design, and the vehicle wrap installation schedule. We’ll answer any other questions you may have, teach you about the different vehicle wrap brands and types, and offer some suggestions on which option might be right for you.